Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bad Deeds

This morning I kicked a lady out of my parking place. She was obviously not a student. She looked more like a distinguished guest, but I'm guessing she was here for a workshop or fund-raiser or some special event. She seemed very nice. The only thing I had against her was that she parked in my spot. I'm not that terribly attached to my spot, though I've been parking there a long time. I could find it in me to see other lots. It's just that if I park in another reserved spot, someone will get mad and call campus police. If I park in an unreserved spot, the students will get mad and key my car. It's a lose-lose situation.

And I bet you all thought I was a pretty nice person until you heard about me going all Nazi over reserved parking and making little, old ladies go park in the back forty and walk.

The whole thing made me wonder if parking is just as difficult on other college campuses as I remember and if anybody else out there has a love-hate relationship with reserved parking.

Also, by taking the time to post this, I've delayed getting started on grading by at least five minutes. :)


sharon said...

Well,...you're not alone. We can write tickets if someone is in our reserved parking spot, and I have been known to grin while filling out the citation. I guess in a world were we get few "perks", I want to have the reserved parking spot. We have to pay $75 for a spot, and darn it.... if I'm going to pay for the spot, I want to be able to use it.

I guess I'm just a grinch in disguise.

Sharon Gerald said...

I've heard rumors that some faculty get to write tickets at my school, but thus far I have not been entrusted with this duty. I'm not sure what that means. :)