Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I realize it is old hat to comment on the year the incoming freshmen were born, but I get a little more unnerved by it every year. This year's freshmen would have been born in about 1987. Wow. I feel old and out of touch.


B. Ray said...

That feeling doesn't usually hit me until I walk into the room for my first class in the fall. As I look around at the slightly-scared, worried, and/or bemused faces - that are only about 8 years older than my my own grandkids (!) - I begin to worry.

Who'd have thought at their age - when the world is such a bright challenge - that we'd be able to look back at them with such ideas?

I'm not sure that I am making any sense, but at least I am avoiding getting to convocation early.

Scott Rogers said...


Scott Rogers said...

Um, that should be "oof." With a period.

amber said...

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