Thursday, February 01, 2007

Blogger Updates

I converted my own Blogger account to New Blogger, and in doing so inadvertently dumped all of my blog partners on various blogs. Evidently an Old Blogger cannot blog on a New Blogger blog. Sorry about that. Since I'm the only person who ever posted to this particular blog, and even I've been very infrequent about it lately, I'm not so worried. However, if you were once a member of this blog and would like to be again, please contact me: sharon dot gerald at gmail dot com.

New Blogger is cool. It has drag and drop template editing and other nice additions. It is also associated with Google Accounts, so presumably I could type my stuff in Google Docs and post it directly from there to my blog. I haven't tried that yet, but it's still cool to know I could.

I've also gotten my students on board with the New Blogger. This is a real work in progress, but it's been a fun, productive class, and we all feel like we've accomplished something just by getting everyone signed on to Gmail and Blogger.

So how's it going, blogosphere? I'd say I was sorry for not being more faithful to the blog lately, but I'll just wait to see if I get any better before I bother. Busy, busy days. More later...

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