Thursday, June 01, 2006


Monday evening I rode down the beachfront with a group of volunteers from North Carolina. I took this picture in Waveland. You can't really get the effect from the picture, but we were fascinated with this house because it was the only thing left standing for miles and because you could see from it just how high the storm surge had been. There had clearly been water in that third floor.

Also, we all agreed that we would have stopped to look at this house even before the storm.


Rosa G. said...

The house looks like a spinnaker's lighthouse in Maryland. I wonder if the structure has anything to do with it. I wish I could come down and help, but I'm going to do the next best thing and send money to your church.


Sharon Gerald said...

Thanks, Joanna. Money and labor are needed in equal proportions right now. Anything you can do will be very much appreciated.

Shawn Z. Lea said...

The house was close to my parents' house on Sarah's Lane in Waveland. Unfortunately, it didn't have three stories and didn't make it. Thanks for the picture!