Monday, January 23, 2006

Austin and Chicago

I've taken care of all of my registrations and reservations for AWP in Austin and CCCC in Chicago now. When I look at the tally, I have difficulty shushing that scream inside my head of "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??" There is no such thing as a travel budget at my school these days. Still, I'm sure I'll be glad in the end.



Okay. That's one panic attack out of the way. :)


Scott Rogers said...

Sharon: I actually posted this morning that I'm considering skipping Cs this year. Too many conferences, too little money.

Mike @ Vitia said...

I guess I better get my act together and start making my own reservations. Looking forward to presenting with you in Chicago!

Sharon Gerald said...

Scott, I do hope you go. I would love to see a familiar face. I do understand the difficulties, though.

Mike, I'm looking forward to it too! I'll just have to train myself not to think about the cost. :)