Monday, April 25, 2005

Stress and Grading

I've been fighting off a sore throat for a couple weeks (allergy season). I feel bad because I still haven't finished grading my research papers despite dragging home three boxes of them this weekend. The loose ends don't seem to be tying themselves. Gimme some of that Aunt Joanna's Sabbatackle. I really need it.

I've got no blogging mojo right now. I have to get caught up on grading before I can enjoy anything.


Rosa G. said...

Aunt Joanna would be thrilled to send you some of her elixer. Remember to put the money in an old canvas bag with a sticky note reading "research papers to be graded," affixed to it. Leave the bag on your front lawn, and be careful to remove all flammable materials within a twenty -yard radius of your front door. Flack jackets are optional, but strongly recommended.

Sharon Gerald said...

Make that a double! :)