Monday, February 28, 2005

Blog instead of Blackboard

I am most excited about using blog instead of the Discussion Board on Blackboard, which I find tedious and time consuming. I was really amazed at how quickly I was able to set up an account and start blogging. I really despise all the clicking and waiting on Blackboard. Frankly, I use the discussion boards, but I do not read them as much as I would like because I do not have time to click, read, and respond to everyone. With blogging, I can view them all at once and reply to several postings at one time. Thanks for presenting this session!


Sharon Gerald said...

I'm glad you are finding this useful.

The discussion board in Blackboard is really pretty primitive technology compared to other message board formats that are out there. I find in awkward and unpleasant to use. Blogging is much easier on the eye.

In fact, I'm not sure Blackboard does anything I couldn't figure out a cheaper, better alternative for.

TT said...

I don't currently use Blackboard, but I have used it in the past. It was an exercise in patience. Tedious and time consuming certainly describe my memory of it. So far, blogging has been fun and fast.